Apples and snakes have gone together since the beginning

>Jeg er ikke på Twitter selv, men jeg er kommet til at følge en Cobraslanges twitter. Slangen er stukket af fra Bronx Zoo i New York og twitter nu om sin færd rundt på Manhattan.

Følg selv med på Cobraens Twitter HER. Her er et udpluk fra starten af flugten:

  1. Donald Trump is thinking about running for president?! Don’t worry, I’ll handle this. Where is Trump Tower exactly?

  2. What does it take to get a cab in this city?! It’s cause I’m not white isn’t it.

  3. Sure, let me just…wait a second! RT @JamColoured@BronxZoosCobra Can you turn GPS tracking on your iPhone please? No reason

  4. A lot of people are asking how I can tweet with no access to a computer or fingers. Ever heard of an iPhone? Duh.

  5. Want to clear up a misconception. I’m not poisonous as has been reported. I’m venomous. Super venomous, but not poisonous so don’t worry.

  6. Anyone know if Rebecca Black lives in NYC? No reason.

  7. I do speak Parseltongue, but with a thick Bronx accent.

  8. I should take in a Broadway show. Anyone heard anything about this “Spiderman” musical?

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